Classes & Workshops

Sign up to one of LitSoc’s fantastic reading groups or creative writing workshops, which meet regularly throughout term. In addition, keep your eye on our events calendar for once-off workshops and lectures on diverse aspects of literature and writing.

Writing Workshops

Enquire at for openings in our creative writing classes.


For those very new to creative writing. Workshops will include plenty of in-class exercises and short-form writing, with a goal of increasing members’ comfort with sharing their work.


The intermediate writing group will be for people who have some experience under their pen/pencil/laptop/goose-feather. Our monthly classes will let you obtain feedback and criticism on your work - poetry, prose, whatever. They're also a great motivator if you want to make writing more habitual.


For those already confident in their writing ability, and comfortable with receiving critiques. Members will likely have an ambition of publication in the future, and classes will be divided between prompts and examining extracts of members’ own work. Please note that we require a writing sample for admission into Advanced Creative writing


The Atelier

If you would like some extra assistance in developing your writing, join LitSoc’s Atelier facebook group ( The Atelier seeks to create a vibrant creative community within the college. You can share extracts of your work and receive critiques and advice from other members. Also, watch out for updates of in-person meetups and literary lock-ins, for evenings of productivity and literary charm.


Reading Groups

Poetry Reading Group

The poetry reading group provides a relaxed, non-academic environment to read poetry. We welcome anyone with any level of knowledge or experience with poetry, all you need is excitement. Whether your taste in poetry lends itself to Keats or Kate Tempest, we've got you covered! Email Leo at

Harry Potter Critical Reading Group

Do you have a lot of opinions about whether Snape really was good, or if Ron and Hermione were actually right for each other? Come and talk about it! This group is a weekly meeting of HP lovers, to talk all things wizarding world and look at the books on a deeper level. Muggles welcome! Email

Young Adult Book Club

Are you a fan of over-throwing corrupt dystopian governments? Or debating over which ship should or shouldn't be canon? Or discussing themes often dismissed as immature or insignificant? Are you unapologetically young at heart? Then the YA bookclub is definitely for you! Email

Short story reading group

Who has time to read entire novels? Luckily, there’s the short story and all it has to offer! Come join us in this reading group to explore the lay of the land of short fiction. We’ll be discussing anything from Jorge Luis Borges’ philosophical stories to Alice Munro’s take on rural Canada and Haruki Murakami’s oddball magical realism. Suggestions are always welcome! Email