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Sign up to one of LitSoc’s fantastic reading groups or creative writing workshops, which meet regularly throughout term. In addition, keep your eye on our events calendar for once-off workshops and lectures on diverse aspects of literature and writing.

The Writer's Block: Writing Class

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Writing Critique Group

Hey guys, I’m really excited to be running a writers group this year with Litsoc. The way the group will work is pretty simple; everyone will submit work (at their leisure) to a google drive to be read in advance of our weekly meeting, where we will then discuss, compliment and helpfully (cannot stress this enough KINDLY) critique each other’s work. I really want the group to be a fun and safe place for writers to share, improve and experiment. Any and all levels of experience are welcome. I don’t know about you but I’m constantly bombarding my friends, family and SO with drafts, little paragraphs, tiny amendments etc. looking for an audience (no matter how reluctant), and for useful critique or commentary on whatever I happen to be tinkering with at that moment. If you’ve ever been in this position or if you just want to get involved with something exciting and interesting then don’t hesitate to join. P.S. If you’re in any way apprehensive about sharing work in a group/the prospect of mean and eviscerating critique/ that you might not be experienced enough etc. please drop me an email and give me a chance to alleviate any of those worries. Everybody has stories to tell and I promise you that our group will be all the better for your presence. If you're interested in joining, email


Big Smoke Writing Factory

We at Litsoc are DELIGHTED to announce that this year we are partnering with Big Smoke Writing Factory, an outstanding creative writing school based 10 minutes from campus: "Special deal for TCD LitSoc members: 50% off any of our courses (including online workshops). Drop us an email at letting us know which course you'd like to book into, include a screenshot of your LitSoc membership card, and we'll sort out payment details (credit card/Paypal, bank transfer, or cash). If you've any questions about particular courses, do use the email address above to get in touch." To see what workshops Big Smoke have available, bop over to our Deals section!


Reading Groups

Fairytales Reading Group

Fairytales are a fundamental part of literature, as they are often the very first stories that we hear. Each week we shall discuss a fairytale, its origins, its impact, and how it’s been told and retold from its conception to the present day. From dark themes to Disneyfication – we’re covering it all! Info on how to join will be in the weekly email or contact directly!

Victorian Reading Group

Don your morning coats, grab your top hats and call for your carriage, as we prepare for five trips back to the 19th century. There will be devilish debates, coffee fueled conversations; and of course, more punctuation in one single sentence than should be deemed reasonable by the average person in the modern age. Welcome, esteemed listeners, to the Victorian Reading Group. We will meet once every two weeks, on a Thursday Evening, and at each meetup we will have the theme of a different 19th century novel for our discussions. You don’t have to sign up for this group; you don’t even have to be present for all of the discussions. Huzzah! All you have to do is bring yourself, and enjoy the tea and occasional biscuits provided. Info on the schedule will be in the weekly email, or contact directly!

Fanfiction Reading Group

We’ve all spent our fair share of time trawling through ao3 and tumblr searching for the perfect fic – whether it be to fix the mess that canon left us or to add further fuel to the fire by adding more angst – but now we can come together to discuss the aspects we love (or hate) about fanfiction. Each meeting we’ll discuss a different fanfic related trope (fake dating, soulmate AU, high school AU, etc.) and examine why exactly these specific tropes are so popular on so wide a scale. Info on how to join will be in the weekly email or contact directly!

Literature and Censorship Around the World

This reading group has a historic take, as it discusses the censorship of literature, why governments of countries target certain texts, and the underground literature and culture that was created as a result of these restrictions. It is also an opportunity to discuss smaller countries/cultures. At each meeting we will discuss different countries, significant texts and the importance of being aware, and then the censorship itself. Info on how to join will be in the weekly email or contact directly!