Deirbhile Brennan


A longtime Litsocialite, Deirbhile is delighted to be in charge of the good ship LitSoc this year as it sails the seven seas of all things literary. She is very excited to welcome new members to the crew, and wishes this ship metaphor would land at shore before it sinks.

Aisling Kearney


Aisling has taken a spitfire lead from fresher to OCM to secretary in the space of a single year! But her incredible scheduling and killer email rhetoric mean there's no better woman. Onward and upward!

Gillian Keily


Gillian Kiely is not only our own Luna Lovegood but also the Keeper of the Treasure Chest! Luna - I mean Gillian - says, "I have yet to find another society as warm or welcoming as Lit Soc." Make sure you say hi in the Attic (Ravenclaws, please don't hide her shoes!)

Sadbh Kellett


When she's not off with the fairies or crying about the fact she's not a monarch Sadbh is honing her writing skills on the whetstone that is Litsoc. "Litsoc is like a little haven for the writers in college, it nurtures and helps them to grow together."

Leo Connell


With her pink hair and propensity towards poetry and cute dresses, Leo is the quintissential Essex lad. As our alliterative librarian Leo is in charge of all those lovely books up in the attic! Leo also runs the infamous poetry night The Noise Upstairs.

David Donovan


When he's not busy modeling for Burberry or leaving you stunned by those cheekbones, David's making sure you know absolutely everything worth knowing about the literary underground and overground of our own UNESCO city of literature.

Kelly O'Brien


Our newest OCM, Kelly has proved her worth in her magnificent poetry, kindness and friendly presence in the Attic.

Brid Nolan


In the beginning was freshers week and The Litsoc Chair said let there be Bríd and so Bríd came into this world of literature and tea. "I came for the books and stayed for the craic" - Bríd 2:17, ed. King Oscar's Bible, (Arda: Numenór Press)

Jacob Woolf


An interesting specimen indeed, we have never fully know the crucial details that comprise Jacob, apart from the fact that he is in a band and has an existentially bleak view on our world no doubt deriving from the countless Twilight jokes made in his past.

Fergus Tremar Menedez


When not climbing mountains in for the sole purpose of gazing over the valley dramatically, or eating various kinds of food for photographs, Fergus can be found immersed in books from all o'er the globe, narrating the exploits of Death or simply playing the saxophone. A worthy fellow.

Sorcha May


Sorcha is a force to behold: she will make you tea, listen to your confessions and give you solid and sensible life advice, all while looking fun and fashionable and probably reading game of thrones, all at the same time. Just don't ask her what the meaning of life is (because she'll probably be able to tell you, which is terrifying).

Sinéad Creedon


A long treasured member of the Attic community, Sinéad will be found breaking down stereotypes, speaking in a Cork accent and enthusing about the books she has read - did you know she;s read the Woman in White??

Sarah Armstrong

First Year Rep

Although Sarah has joined us recently, she has exuded an innate 'LitSocness' since we first encountered her. Knowledgeable on everything from Keats to Tolkien, and winner of the first prize for oscar wilde quotes at the Wildean Freshers event, it's clear that she will go a long way in whatever direction she may choose.