Aisling Kearney


Aisling Whats-her-face of the House Kearney, One of Many of Her Popular Irish Name, the Unread, Queen of Bad Puns, Khaleesi of Merely Passable Cups of Tea, Breaker of Awkward Silences, and Mother of Kittens. She also occasionally partakes in the art of haikus, mostly about furniture.

Sarah Armstrong


Sarah is our rising star! Somehow, she turns our society newsletter into a weekly email hug. She is also the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde. If one seeks to communicate with Sarah, she can be reliably summoned with pictures of chow chows and the alluring sounds of the Hamilton soundtrack.

Jacob Woolf


Possible relative of Virginia, possible owner of many crackers. Why, Jacob is a man of many possibilities. He may possibly be our treasurer. He may possibly have a band. He may possibly, and most frighteningly of all, exist.

Cúnla Morris


Part time writer, full time dykon. Gaeilgeoir. Oifigeach Na Gaeilge. Artist. Plant based bitch. Lover of lavender, women, star trek, and hummus. Also the creator of Trinity's slang.

Fergus Tremar Menedez


When not climbing mountains in for the sole purpose of gazing over the valley dramatically, or eating various kinds of food for photographs, Fergus can be found immersed in books from all o'er the globe, narrating the exploits of Death or simply playing the saxophone. A worthy fellow.

Carol McGill


An organised bundle of joy, Carol is our resident Austenphile. A cutting writer with a fierce imagination and the prose to prove it, she's one to keep an eye on!

Hannah Keating


Coffee in one hand, computer in the other, Hannah is always buzzing from the humble confines of the Attic to coding lectures and then into the heart of student politics - the Student Union. A lover of science fiction, she is the one to go to after you've read Dune and need another hit.

Ffion James


Hailing from the foggy land of Navan, Ffion is a longtime treasured Lit-socialite. A veritable cache of YA knowledge, she can always be found in the Attic, ready to have a thoughtful chat about the book you're reading.

Caoimhe Lily Brennan


Caoimhe is best known for her work as the Star of a 2014 Before and After teeth whitening advertisement in the Kilkenny People. One of our newer OCMs, Caoimhe has proved her worth in her magnificent quips, kindness and friendly presence in the Attic

Aoife Cronin


Although Aoife has joined us recently, she has exuded an innate 'LitSocness' since we first encountered her. It's clear that she will go a long way in whatever direction she may choose.

Aoibh Ní Mhuireartaigh


Aoibh is a force of nature. She is the mighty triad of Gaelgoir, singer, and songwriter. When she isn't chilling in the Attic, she's out fighting for women's rights or hobnobbing with Hozier. Her performance in Mamma Mia 2 is vastly underrated.

Could it be you?


Open to all years: this position will be up for grabs in an ASOIAF inspired death match which we have, perhaps disappointingly, condensed down into a thirty second speech where you tell us about yourself and what ideas you'd like to bring to the society.

Could it be you?

First Year Rep

Open to only first years: this position is very similar to the OCM position except you are our ear to the ground, letting us know what new Litsoc members think and what they would like from the society.