Carol McGill


Carol is our Chairperson and resident Austenphile. A cutting writer with a fierce imagination and the prose to prove it, she is striving to keep the committee organised so she has constant access to conversations about books.

Todd Pender


Todd Pender’s most commonly used phrase is “yeah, I get that a lot,” as a response to, “you don’t seem like a first year.” Their graduation to second year has come just in time. They are a bona fide caffeine addict whose bad habits have been enabled and encouraged by LitSoc.

Sé Ó hEidhin


Sé Ó hEidhin lives in an alternate dimension in which days are forty-eight hours long. She occasionally visits our realm of existence to be involved with every student organisation you can name, and then some.

Aoibh Ní Mhuireartaigh


Aoibh is a force of nature. She is the mighty triad of Gaelgoir, singer, and songwriter. When she isn't chilling in the Attic, she's out fighting for women's rights or hobnobbing with Hozier. Her performance in Mamma Mia 2 is vastly underrated.

Colm Ó hUigínn


Colm Ó hUigínn was part of The Attic furniture for several centuries before finally joining the committee in late 2018. He is now in charge of the furniture, and we are all very excited.

Conor Kinsella


Conor Kinsella is LitSoc's very own Instagram model, instant noodle connoisseur and resident blink-182 enthusiast. He can be found in The Attic introducing the uninitiated to Toilets With Threatening Auras.

Eugenia Hanniffy


Eugenia Hanniffy's first love was the Russian Society but thank you, LitSoc is next. A coffee hour regular, Eugenia had been buying biscuits for us long before joining committee. She is, quite simply, a star.

Ffion James


Hailing from the foggy land of Navan, Ffion is a longtime treasured Lit-socialite. A veritable cache of YA knowledge, she can always be found in the Attic, ready to have a thoughtful chat about the book you're reading.

Maria Zoidze


Maria Zoidze is a fantasy writer and fantastic human who will take any opportunity to advocate for more diversity in media. Another coffee hour regular, it's hard to believe this is her first time on committee.

Mary-Kate (Molly) O'Harte


Mary-Kate (Molly) O'Harte is an actor, playwright, Twitter polemicist and musical theatre buff. Never one to shy away from a fight, she is always ready to defend her controversial takes about Harry Potter.

Niall Larkin


Niall Larkin, mysterious and elusive King of Beige, joined committee as Freshers' Rep halfway through his first year and liked us so much he decided to stick around. He can be found in The Attic working his way chronologically through the entire Western poetry canon.

Louise Claffey


Louise is a bunch of reversible sequins in disguise. She adores YA and is also autistic, and she hopes to completely smash people's stereotypical ideas of it.

Aoibh Ní Chroimín

First Year Rep

Aoibh is a clarinet-player, harpsichord-player, and language-lover. She is happy to make you tea any time, largely because that will give her an excuse to drink an even more unreasonable amount of it herself.