A Literary Take on Smells and Why They Matter

26 March 2017 by Michelle Nicolau

An exploration of the olfactory pleasures of reading.

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Litsoc Litsicle

23 March 2017 by Jacob Woolf

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Building the Attic

16 March 2017 by Fergus Tremar Menendez

Fergus Tremar Menendez finds out what inspired the writers when creating their work for The Attic XX!

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LitSoc: An Ode

9 March 2017 by Ruth Atkins

In the wake of our AGM, and our glorious victory at the CSC Society of the Year Awards, it seems time for a quick ode.

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Week 8: AGMs and Thriftless Ambitions

7 March 2017 by Gillian Kiely

As the famously Macbethian LitSoc AGM nears, Gillian Kiely discusses ambition in some of our favourite literary characters.

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Week 6: The Festival Files

20 February 2017 by Deirbhile Brennan

Wonderful Literary Festivals of note throughout this fair isle.

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Week 5: Favourite Bookshops

13 February 2017 by Sadbh Kellett

As our BookCrawl looms, Sadbh Kellett takes on a journey through Dublin's best bookstores.

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Week 4: Art and Imperfection

6 February 2017 by Ruth Atkins

Another blog post magically relevant to our weekly events. It's almost as if we planned it this way!

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Week 3: Sometimes You’ve Got to Get Away

30 January 2017 by Chris Joyce

In keeping with a week of literary escapes, Chris Joyce has a pile of recommendations in precisely that area. Check it out!

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Week 12: Westworld and Writing

12 December 2016 by Sadbh Kellett

As the close of LitSoc's incredible term approaches, Sadbh Kellett takes a unique perspective on writing technique. Have a read before our final Literary Lock-in!

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