Christmas Reading Lists


Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, not only because of fairy lights, friends and abundant chocolate, but because I can finally read. I can now ignore the piling reading lists that go before me, at least for a little while. As an English student it can feel like every book that you pick up is prescribed in one way or another and is obligatory in nature but Christmas changes this.

When the Christmas break comes you can drop those 19th century classics for that YA book that you know will be delightfully filled with what inspired you to choose English, and also provide you with some seriously terrible cliches of youth that you know and love. All those books that have been painfully ignored in favour of Charles Dickens and other classics come
to the surface and become a comfort in the face of the dreary weather outside. The break also provides a brief respite from the library, which sometimes sucks the joys of reading from me. Instead of reading with gloves and a hat in the Berkeley, you can actually escape the cold and the concrete by sitting in front of the fire. Essay writing comes to a
rightful close and the real reading begins. You can reread the gems of childhood (I basically always reread Twilight…for obvious reasons). Christmas allows you to celebrate the fact that
reading can be the opposite of stressful, well, as long as you can ignore what readings list Hilary will provide…