LitSoc: An Ode

This year with copious elbow grease,

And lots of bookish glee,

The Good Ship LitSoc made a splash

Upon the CSC.

“More Tumblr than Tolstoy!”

The naysayers proclaimed.

We bore “pretentious” taunts with pride:

Of books, we’re not ashamed.

With Deirbh and Sadbh and Ruth and Ash

And Leo on Exec,

Michelle, Jacob, Kelly, David, Gill, Chris, and Bríd,

kept all of us in check.

We lost some good guys on the way,

And miss them something rotten,

Grace, Saoirse, Luke, and fair Sinéad,

Will never be forgotten.

From Literary Lock-ins

to BookCrawls and Speakeasies,

Events and Songs of Ice and Fire

Made bookish love come easy.

Our reading groups and writing ‘shops

Lit up House 6’s vicinity,

And the week-long ChrisFest (Litfest?) (ChrisFest!)

Brought Joyce, for once, to Trinity!

On our Killarney writing trip

Our skills were soon applied

We learned to write, and learned to eat

A frozen pizza, fried.

When Karen Champ designed our site

She began our web soirée,

The LitSoc Twitter and Litstagram

Were highlights of each day.

And so, it was with no surprise

I watched our notoriety

Rise and rise, until, last night,

They crowned us best society!

LitSoc has always been for me

A place where I could flourish,

Where shyness is embraced and lost

And bookish souls are nourished.

My gratitude to everyone

Who helped me see this through.

You’ve made our soc the joy it is -

The cup belongs to you.