Murder Mystery Suspects Roundup!

Our murder-mystery themed ball is happening THIS THURSDAY. Are you excited? You better be. But are you up-to-date on ALL of the sketchy characters who may be there?

BELLA BLACKHEART is a young jazz singer who is famous for exploits both on and off the stage. She’s been all over the tabloids recently, keep an eye out for her.

DAISY DUNCAN, after inheriting a hefty sum from Husband Number Three (may he and Husbands One and Two rest in peace), Duncan has opened up a new jazz club in town - and who better to have perform there than her cousin, Bella Blackheart? While the two family members haven’t spoken in a few years, this night could be an olive branch. Did Blackheart know something about her cousin? It is pretty suspicious that her husbands keep dying, isn’t it …?

CLEO CLARKE, the long-suffering bandmate of Blackheart, has known her since childhood, having grown up on the same street. While other people have left the band, Clarke has always been a buffer between the egos of Blackheart and their manager, but rumour has it she’s tired of picking up the pieces and has been looking for a chance to step out on her own…

JAY JENKINS has been representing Blackheart ever since they met while she was dancing as a chorus girl in a seedy nightclub when she was nineteen. Initially he was charmed by her dramatic flair, and had some designs on her, but due to her negative press, her rocky relationship with her bandmate, and her inability to swallow her pride (and perhaps her dismissive attitude towards his new advances), he’s been hanging around nightclubs more often, looking for a less controversial starlet to take under his wing … But what to do about Blackheart?

TJ TORRELLINO is a total playboy, set to inherit his father’s ‘business’ if he can ever pull himself away from the poker table. Has been romantically linked to Blackheart in the past, and is attending the opening night of the club in order to try and procure some potentially incriminating photographs she has of him, before they’re leaked to the press prior to his wedding to a wealthy heiress ...

TONI TORRELLINO is TJ’s twin sister. She’s more pragmatic and cynical than her brother, and is angry that he is set to inherit their father’s empire in spite of his gambling debts and string of unsuitable lovers that tarnish the Torrellino name. What lengths would she be willing to go to, to protect the family name and prove herself …?

And VIOLA VALENTINE? It’s not clear how the Valentine family became so wealthy, but due to their links to the mysterious Torrellino estate it probably wasn’t through any kind of legal activiy. While her sister, Victoria, is often photographed arm-in-arm with a cycle of old-money types, Viola stays far away from the press - and isn’t thrilled with the attention her fiance’s relationship with Blackheart has gotten. Introverted and intelligent, all she seems to want is a life as far from media scrutiny and scandal as possible. Was getting rid of Blackheart a potential part of that plan?

We need your help to sort out all these suspicious characters. So what are you waiting for? Come get dolled up. Grab a cocktail (or a mocktail, or both). Look out for some clues. And help us solve this case!