Week 8: AGMs and Thriftless Ambitions

This week sees the end of an era in Lit Soc, and the dawn of a brand new regime. Our AGM on Thursday promises to be a cut-throat affair, with people vying for the illustrious position of “exec”, and some beginning their ascent to ultimate power from the lowest rung of OCM. But only one can be crowned Chair. In this Game of Chairs you win, or you just remain a normal and valued member of our literary community.

Ambition is a trait found in some of the most fascinating characters in literature, in characters that provoke in us a sense of fear, and deep admiration for their sometimes underhanded tactics. Perhaps in your bid for a position on the Trinity Literary Societies committee you should consider emulating the tactics of some of literatures most power hungry figures below.


Arguably Shakespeare’s most power hungry creation, his quest for power does lead him down a bloody and fatal path, but he does achieve his ultimate goal and become King.

This spot could also have gone to Richard III who is a real dick (sorry, not sorry).

Beware of using underhanded tactics in your quest to become Chair, you may become consumed with paranoia and fear of impeachment leading to your ultimate demise.

Mrs Coulter

Marisa Coulter is cool, elegant and better than you. She gets power and she does it while throwing lavish parties and wearing great clothes. Her tactics are certainly morally suspect, but she pulls it off with panache.

If you want to climb the ladder, do it in style.

Mrs Bennet

Social climbing is another form of ambition. Mrs. Bennet is, of course, reliant on her daughters making decent matches to secure her families future, but she by no means aims low. She matches Jane up with the wealthy Mr. Bingley. What would the book have been had she not demanded Mr Bennet introduce himself to Mr. Bingley?

She risked her daughter potentially contracting a fatal fever in pursuit of a prospective wealthy son in law, and you know what? The risk paid off.

Take calculated risks on your quest for power folks.


Do I even need to justify his inclusion on the list?

So power hungry he ripped his soul into shreds hoping to rule over everything forever. Next.

Maybe your quest to become Chair will include making your friends get tattoos on their forearm?

Amy March

Has there ever been a character more despised in all of literature?

Amy March takes everything from Jo, she burns her manuscript, she gets the trip to Europe Jo so desired and in what Jarlath Kileen has described as a “fit of petulance” on the part of Alcott, marries Laurie.

She is greedy, petty, selfish and vain. Most importantly she’s ambitious. Unlike Jo she plays the game; she acts the lady to secure what she wants. Despite her flaws she’s a real go-getter.

Be like Amy, get what you want. (even if aren’t necessarily the best person for the job)